Marco Carlucci is a multi-talented filmmaker born in Rome who has worked for both cinema and television. He drew the attention of the media and other professionals in his field with two short films, “Eva51” and “IN.TE”, created for new communication systems and which received many a mention at major events like: Cinecittà Internet Film Festival, Ultracorti di Wind, The Festival di Bellaria. In 2004, he directed a short film called “Puoi chiamarmi Virgilio”. This was awarded first prize at the “Festival del Cortometraggio di Roma” and received the international approval. He also collaborated regularly with film and television production companies in the direction of commercials, short format films and documentaries. In 2005, he set up PRIMAFILM INTERNATIONAL, a creative production and post-production district for development and complete management of independent audio-visual projects. In 2007, he directed his first independent film“Il punto rosso” using new digital technologies and innovative forms of private co-production. The sound track was developed, among others, by L'Aura and Delta v. The film was declared a film of cultural interest by the Italian Minister of Culture and met with great public acclaim. It has been rewarded by Europa Cinemas with the first “Sky escalator” as the most popular film on the “Agiscuola”circuit, featured on the “Schermi di Qualità” circuit. In addition, it was the best first film at the “Ciak d’Oro Awards”. Furthermore it attracted the attention of the media for coming earlier with the theme of the “V-day”, a political event promoted by the Italian comedian Beppe Grillo. Following on, there are other projects of great social impact, like: Dukic Day Dream, a documentary about particulate filters, “Sporchi da morire” (English title: "Filthy to the Core"), an international documentary film on waste disposal, incinerators, nanoparticle pollution, health hazards and possible alternatives. Featured in Stefano Montanar and Antonietta Morena Gatti, who are world-renowned experts in pathologies caused by nanoparticles, and Dr. Paul Connett, the guru who devised the “Zero Waste” strategy. This film project, which was unique in is genre, attracted more than 50,000 spectators over six months of screenings, and received various global awards including the “Silver Remi Award” at the Houston International Film Festival (USA).

Nel 2015 firma la regia di altri 2 ambiziosi progetti, “La centesima scimmia”, film documentario di denuncia sulla crisi economica e sociale europea e “Piano Piano on the road”. documentario sul viaggio itinerante della pianista Alessandra Celletti.

In addition, Marco Carlucci produces a number of music videos and documentaries for major artists, often with a strong social message. Marco Carlucci also works as a technical tutor and instructor for educational projects on “new media” and on digital technologies for production, post-production and independent distribution. Due for release in 2015 is “La centesima scimmia”, a documentary about the financial and social crisis in Europe, and “Piano Piano on the road”, a documentary about the tour of pianist Alessandra Celletti.


Awards and mentions:

Special Award Festival Latino Americano de Colombia 2002

Special Award RIFF AWARDS 2003 - Videoclip AFRICA TRACE

Special Award Festival del Videoclip 2004 Videoclip AFRICA TRACE

Special Mention Cinecitta' Internet Festival 2004 - Short films Eva51

Special Mention Festival di Bellaria 2004 - Short films IN.TE

Special Mention Ultracorti di Wind - Short films IN.TE

Special Mention al Festival Maremetraggio di Trieste - Short films Puoi chiamarmi Virgilio

Mirto d'oro Rassegna Cinematografica Poggio Mirteto 2004 - Short films Puoi chiamarmi Virgilio

Finalist Roma Film Corto 2004 - Short films Puoi chiamarmi Virgilio

Special Mention Rassegna Nazionale Fotografia Cinematografica 2004 - Short films Puoi chiamarmi Virgilio

Selected at LAIFA 2005 Los Angeles Italian Film Festival - Short films Puoi chiamarmi Virgilio

First prize al Festival del Cortometraggio online 2005 - Roma - Short films Puoi chiamarmi Virgilio

Special Mention "Ischia Film Festival 2005" - Short films Puoi chiamarmi Virgilio

Special Award "Volere Volare 2005 - il meglio del made in Italy" - Casina Valadier - Roma

Prize Film rivelazione BAFF2007 - Films Il punto rosso

Prize Europa Cinemas - Media Programme de l'Union Europenne - Films Il punto rosso

Prize innovazione formula produttiva BAFF 2007 - Films Il punto rosso

Prize "Cinema e Musica" - Films Il punto rosso

Prize "RomaVideoClip 2008" - Videoclip Stralunata

Special Award "Festival del Cinema Giovanile Indipendente 2009" - Films Il punto rosso

Prize "RomaVideoClip 2009" - Videoclip Povia

Prize "RomaVideoClip 2010" - Videoclip Alexia

Special Award "Festival del Cinema Giovanile Indipendente 2010"

Prize Cinecitta' per l'impegno sociale "Festival di Venezia 2010"

Prize "RomaVideoclip 2011" - Videoclip Moda'

Prize Film Documentario dell'anno- Circeo Film Festival - Sporchi da morire"

Special Award Latina Film Commission - "Film Doc Sporchi da morire"

Finalist Social Word Film Festival 2012 - "Film Doc Sporchi da morire"

Silver Remi Award - World Fest Houston - Films "Sporchi da morire"

International Award "Roma Videoclip 2012" - Eurofobia

Special Award "il cinema incontra la musica" 2013 - Films "Piano piano on the road"

Social Web Award 2015 - Music Video “Chi comanda il mondo”

Special Mention " Filmaker International Festival 2015 – “La centesima scimmia